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Best Business Conferences in India & Why?

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Business conferences in growing economies like India are important for both growth of businesses as well as creation and inclusion of trained personnel in business activities. Moreover, India has recently witnessed a startup boom, and many successful startups headed by young entrepreneurs had created a pan India footprint, and are looking towards expanding their operations and exploring new segments for further growth. Business conferences are an ideal platform for producing these ideas, and are often symbolic of established business houses mentoring these new startups.

New business houses which have been around for only a decade, yet managed to grab a chunk of markets too gather in these conferences to get an idea of the next level of competition which may emerge from startup ventures. Add to this the level of information sharing, a joint platform for raising concerns regarding market potentials, lack of skilled personnel and local restraints like public and political unrest. Delegates from various corporations attend these conferences who then discuss about possible business interactions and setup of joint training centers for personnel development.

As per our understanding we have provided with a list of some important business conferences in India:

  • Building and Construction Excellence: Mumbai, February 1st

This conference will focus on the areas of joint operations in business procedures such that all stakeholders are entitled to maximum satisfaction, optimal delivery in construction costs, time and quality. These platforms also focus on achieving maximum commercial successes without having the need for further investments.

  • International Conference on Entrepreneurship, Global Business, Economics, Finance and Social Sciences: Mumbai, February 12th

As a new trend in business houses, almost all business operations are followed by a scale up of social activities in immediate surroundings that are crucial to the growth of businesses and reputation. Besides, all accounts of factors like global business climate as well as domestic ones, financial structures, economic opportunities and restraints, and entrepreneurship qualities are highlighted in these platforms. However, they do not actively participate in setting up of joint training centers for development of skilled personnel as per their needs.

  • Ideation 2016: Navi Mumbai, February 26th

Exclusively focused on market potentials like increasingly interconnected business operation by virtue of globalization, hunger for quality productivity and competition among firms, these platforms brings out the best in innovation and better market approaches. A stage for entrepreneurs to voice their ideas and get backed by leading investors and mentors, these conferences are one of a kind which support the Indian startup boom.

  • International Conference on transforming Emerging Economies Through Sustainability and Innovations in Business: Bangalore, November 8th

Delegates of corporations from emerging economies and the forum of all emerging economies attend these conferences to discuss about potential business operations in their respective countries, future possible investments, possible mergers and acquisitions for tapping into markets. Innovations in business policies and business approaches are of paramount importance for expansion of operations. Potential challenges like regional conflicts, bureaucracy, closed market policies as entertained by certain governments and economic stagnation are addressed on these platforms.

  • International Conference on Emerging Strides in Innovations and Skill Development: A Sustainable Perspective

This conference will take place at Varanasi on February 20th to search for the way of innovation in various fields in order to search for the Effective Skill Development so that people develop innovative skills to cope up with the requirement of the market. These platforms in particular stress the entrepreneurial spirit of corporations to ramp up their services and provide better solutions in cost effective ways.

In addition to these conferences, Federation for Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) too organize conferences for creation of common platforms which address market challenges and search for ways to overcome them.

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