How to Plan for a Successful Academic Conference

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A conference is not a child play; it takes a lot of planning and a checklist of things to be done. No conference will be a success if it’s not one right. There are many individuals to involve, get things done, and get it to the edge. Market it properly to get the right visibility it deserves and bring it to light.

Conference is a big thing. It takes awesome people building capability and things to do that would bring in the right attention. Blog posts, podcasts, hosting details, organizing it, arranging for the meet up and creating the impact is necessary. This is a fantastic thing to do. So here is the list of things that might help you in order to plan a good successful academic conference. Use these tips and excel.

  1. Theme of your conference

Build a theme on which the attendees would find it potential enough to attend, it is important because it gives an idea of unifying the ideas. This brings in appropriate speakers, and gets the right sell in the market to the right set of people. Pick something that synonyms with the topic, be it about something punchy. A statement which will help you to attract the audience of interest.

  1. Partnership

A conference is a big deal which involves tiring work. It is difficult to handle it all alone, find someone who can get things done on your behalf. You can get good ideas from the other person which will help you in adding more value to the conference than by doing all by yourself which would indeed stress you more than anything.

  1. Focus on the speakers

Hand-pick your speakers before hand, do enough homework and check their interests well in advance. This would help in getting right audience too. Ask them to bring in their friends who will also be interested on the topic which would add support as well.

  1. Budget planning

This is an important part of any conference. Any type will require a basic budget, which includes at what time the conference will be held and what you can offer to the participants, speakers, etc.. There are speakers who would ask for upfront fees for the conference, so before starting anything budget comes into picture. One can also look for sponsors if the conference is big.

  1. Vendors

Talk to the vendors who would help with arranging the conference hall, food, water bottles, arranging the decorations, speakers, etc.. Any conference that is properly arranged is half successful even before the start indeed. This also ensures proper hospitality to those who drop by gives credibility.

  1. Proper agenda

Talk to your speakers beforehand. Analyse how good they are and get into details of what each speaker can talk about. Prepare an agenda that would be interesting to the participants. This helps them understand what they can get from the conference and make the most of it

  1. Marketing

Marketing is the most vital part of any conference. If you have sponsors, they would help with marketing and vice versa. Ensure to spread a word around which will help enough in bringing in participants. Ensure to use social media marketing, campaigns, etc.. to spread the word.

Alternatively, one best option to market is to register the conference details at onferencealerts.org, which gets visited by people across the world to pick the conference that is of interest to them. For a successful conference, all the above points are necessary. Ensure to follow these steps and get to succeed in your conference. 

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