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Conferences are the best way to get through the latest and upcoming inventions around the globe. In 2022 a lot of researchers have worked and come up with some influential inventions which will be addressed in these conferences. is the gateway platform for such conferences and events. Here you can explore all the conferences that are happening or yet to happen and even register yourself.

Whether it’s your first time attending a research conference or you’re trying to find a conference in a specific field to test your research, finding the right event to attend can be a tough task. This is no surprise as there are over 200,000 research conferences worldwide. With such a vast amount of conferences internationally, it’s important to fully understand how to find a conference that fits your research goals.

Research conferences present an opportunity for your work to come under scrutiny from the outside world. This is a vital part of research or academic conferences: to discuss your work with peers, find out where the quality of your research stands and get feedback from researchers in your field. Preparation is key and it begins the moment you start to try to find a research conference.

Search for conferences online

The most obvious step when you’re trying to find an academic conference is to do the legwork. Start by searching online for conferences in your field. There are several conference announcement directories that help you find the conferences you need. Once you’ve found a research conference on the directories, follow it so you get updates from the organizers. You can also use this site to find a link to the conference website, the registration page and any other information you’ll need. Check out this example of a conference page that shows all the important details.

Find a conference that matches your research timeline

When you’re trying to find a conference to submit to, make sure the conference matches the timeline of your research. Ensure you have most of your work completed before submitting a paper or abstract to the conference. Take your time with your writing and increase your chances of getting accepted, understand fully when you need to have your abstract submitted. It’s also worth noting the various methods by which a call for papers could be sent out, the last thing you want is to have missed out on the perfect conference for your research.

High-quality conferences will have an early call for papers (4-11 months beforehand) due to their peer-review process. Some research conferences demand a full paper for submission and others request an abstract or extended abstract. If you’re under time pressure with your submission, consider the quality of your work and decide whether to attend a different conference, submit your semi-finished paper or hold on for next year.

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