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Why do engineering students get into conferences, Conference Alerts 2021-2022

Why do engineering students get into conferences
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Conferences are the key source of information regarding research and development for engineering students. It helps them get versatile exposure to the personalized stream in which they are currently pursuing their careers. 

Know how conferences helped an engineering student to excel in the Machine Learning industry | Machine Learning Conferences 

In June 2020, a student named Nirav Agarwal from KIIT University was into machine learning and he was doing quite well in his stream. With a due interval of time, he decided to get into research but due to limitations, he was not able to retrieve much information for his research in ML.

Machine Learning Conferences

So he decided to attend conferences related to machine learning and did a google search to find conferences on machine learning. He came across several websites but he chose Conference Alerts as direct communication with the organizers is available over there. 

He connected with the organizers and decided to participate in a conference that’s being organized by some reputed industry leaders in the machine learning industry. This decision landed him in the conference with the best researchers and like-minded aspirants of Machine learning.

He acquired a lot of information and his networking skills helped him connect with the researchers who guided him to complete his research and helped him publish his research journal.

How to be a part of such conferences?

If you’re a research aspirant or research-oriented organization, then you must take part in such conferences.  These kinds of conferences are being organized on the national and international level for all kinds of domains. 

Here we can highlight some of the research domains and conference we organize for them: 

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