13 Ways to Make Online Workshops a Smashing Hit

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It is safe to say that at present, online workshops are threatening the traditional offline events/workshops. Online workshops are gaining more importance in today’s world. Students are opting for online courses than an offline one not only because of its flexibility but also because it is cost effective.

If you are thinking and planning to start your own online course, look no further. Here are some tips to make your idea a huge hit.

1. Selecting the Appropriate Topic
Choose what you know and you are sure about. Expertise is important in the course you wish to teach. Learn and research about related information focusing on the topic and brainstorm for ideas to make the topic more unique.

2. What’s The Trend?
It’s important to know and analyze the market demand. Selecting a topic just on the basis of your expertise is not enough. The chosen topic should be trendy and popular. For this you can even use the social media platform to find the current trend.

3. Attractive Course Content
The entire workshop course is vital. The course should be engaging and informative as well as objective driven. Also, keep in mind about the requirements of your participants while doing so.

Online workshops require more attractive contents to keep the audience engaged in contrast to an in-person workshop.

4. Course Outline
Before starting for workshop, it is advisable to draw an outline of the entire course, that is, how to proceed throughout the entire period of the workshop. Organizing a dry run before commencing the workshop is the best idea to identify any glitches and problems in the course if any.

5. The Right Time Zone
An online course will have students from different parts of the world. Therefore conducting the course with a suitable time for every student is very necessary. Managing the time zones will help both the students and the teachers.

6. Promotion
When you are sure about your course, the next step is to advertise it properly. Reach out and inform people about your online workshops – the pros of attending it and why they should opt for this course.

7. The Right Platform
The success of the online workshop depends on the online platform you choose. You need the right platform which is easily accessible, trustworthy, convenient and profitable.

8. A Good Backdrop
An online course should have the charm to grab the attention of the participants immediately. The course can be taken in innovative places to attract the students and make them more interested and attentive.

9. Appropriate On-Camera Behaviour
It is vital to remember that there is a difference between online and offline worship courses. What work in-person might not be suitable for an online course? The speaker or the teacher should be confident in front of the camera and teach accordingly.

10. Playful and Engaging Methods
The online course can never afford to be boring. Breaking the ice in the beginning of the course itself. Introduce yourself as well as the students. Engage and interact with them throughout the course through various tools and keep the energy high. Conduct a doubt clearing session after each class.

11. Crisp and Short
Anything lengthy can turn to be boring. Being informative always does not mean boring, be crisp and to the point. Use keywords and teach smartly to have the attention of the online students throughout the time period.

12. Certificate and Rewards
Why should the students choose your course? Make your course certified, since this attracts mode footfall. You can even reward yourself best students with special prizes. This makes the student mode hardworking and attentive.

13. Feedback
It is important to evaluate your online workshop. Conduct surveys and feedback session to understand the needs and mindset of the students in a more detailed way.

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