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Feedback from Attendees, Sponsors and Volunteers Importance of Post Virtual Event Survey

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Virtual events hold a strong importance in today’s world. Not only is it convenient but it also provides health safety.

The changes in our lifestyle due to Coronavirus have made us realize why online events are the best option for event planners and organization. But is it sufficient to only plan an event in the initial stages? No. The success of an online event has a few intricate steps which need to be followed efficiently.

To evaluate the success of an event it is absolutely necessary to conduct post event surveys. It is ideal that you examine the rate of success of the event by collecting feedbacks from the parties- the attendees, sponsors and stakeholders included in the event. Their opinion will boost your confidence and make you feel more motivated for the upcoming events.

Post event surveys can be tricky, especially for the virtual ones. Since you have no face to face interactions, it becomes absolutely necessary to assess the experience of the parties involved. Creating a lasting impression becomes more important and sensitive.

But how to construct your feedback questions. It can be tricky, but you need to be smart. The strategy is to ask little but know more.

  • You need to present your questions in such a way that the parties don’t feel pressurized. Keep your questions short and crisp so that the respondents feel at ease while answering the questions.
  • Be creative. Don’t bombard the respondents with long and length questions. Frame multiple choice questions for them.
  • Last but not the least, ask for their suggestions. This will make the respondents feel that organization values their opinion.

The most important party of any event is the attendees. It is natural to be curious about the experience of the attendees.

Here are some post event survey questions to ask your attendees:

  1. How will you rate the overall event?

Ask the attendees to rate their experience on the topics covered, the speakers and the way in which the online event was conducted.

  1. Was the online platform convenient for you?

This is very important to know the preferences of the attendees and their comfort level with the online platform through which the event was conducted.

  1. Do you plan to attend such events in future?

This question is necessary to understand the satisfaction level of the customers. You need to know whether your event sad useful for the attendees.

  1. Will you recommend this event to your colleague, friends or family?

Increasing customer base is always necessary. This question will help you to gauge attendee satisfaction.

  1. How can we make this event better for you?

You need to understand that mistakes are a part and parcel of every event and everything cannot be perfect. Know from your customers how their experience can be made better in future.

Just like attendees, the sponsors play an important role in any organization. Therefore it’s also necessary to evaluate their experience and gather valued feedback.

Here are some post event survey questions to ask your sponsors

  1. Did you like the concept of this event?

It is important to make the sponsors realize that you value their opinion also. This general question will make a good start for their Feedback report.

  1. Are you satisfied to sponsor our event?

It is necessary to evaluate their level of satisfaction. Did you meet the sponsor’s expectation? In case of negative responses, make required changes for you next event.

  1. Will we see you next year?

Finish the survey by knowing your influence over the sponsors. A trustworthy relationship between the organization and the sponsors are very important.

If the event includes volunteers, it is a good idea to evaluate their experience as well. They are a good source of information related to the total success of the event. Also, send an email thanking them for their support to make the event successful.

Here are some post event survey questions to ask your volunteers

  1. Are you satisfied to volunteer in our event?

It is better to start with the general questions. Gauge the level of satisfaction of the volunteers.

  1. Will you recommend this to your friends or family?

Again, if the volunteers are themselves satisfied then the answer will always be a yes.

  1. Is there anything we can improve?

The volunteers have the best interactions with the attendees. Therefore asking for their opinion on improvements required is always advisable since they have a fair idea on what worked and what did not.

Lastly, we should always remember that feedback can be both positive and negative. The positive feedback will undoubtedly make us confident and optimistic. The negative feedback, if any, on the other hand will motivate us to improve things in future.

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