How to Write and Submit a Conference paper

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Before entering into the mainstream of the topic one should know what actually is meant by the term conference paper.

A conference paper is often a written document which is accompanied by an oral representation. It’s a way/process of bringing out new ideas and presenting it in front of individuals and in return gaining valuable feedback from them thereby, establishing a professional stature in his/her field of work.

The first and foremost important thing one should keep in mind while preparing a conference paper is that “the topic” which he/she will be representing. The topic of the conference paper should be as such so that it would create an interest in the audience.  Secondly, what actually the abstract and the presentations look like should be well known to the orator, for such information he/she may refer to the previous conference proceedings. The addition of a co-author will be of great help for an individual.

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An individual must read carefully and thoroughly the requirements required in a particular conference paper, i.e., (font sizes, format, word limit etc.).  The topic and the context, including the problems and solutions, pros and cons, etc. should be to the point. Highlighting the important/interesting part of an individual topic is of greater significance. Usage of professional literature and an experienced tone in the paper is to be done to attract the audiences’ attention. The title of the topic should be attractive and descriptive because an interesting title will always pull the audiences’ attention and will make them enthusiastic about the subject matter of the topic. The conference paper should include: introduction, background, main body, future work, conclusion, acknowledgement and references. Usage of picture, chart, tables, examples, data and results in the paper is important. Follow the requirements for formats and lengths etc. It’s better to start early and have a colleague or mentor to review the paper, review of the paper reflects the personal views of the reviewer, a good review and revised paper helps an individual to improve and culminate  his/her communication skills.

Submission of the revised and reviewed paper should be done as early as possible, by doing this an individual not only win brownie points with the organizer, but get a better chance of getting a favorable time slot on the conference program in addition to that he/she gets a maximize chances of getting mentioned in the conference program that enlists the speakers, however, failing to do this often leads to late additions and that won’t enhance his/her reputation. An individual can submit a paper on different aspects of his/her project to different conferences, but not the same paper to more than one conference. One should know the acceptance rate of the papers – the aim should neither be too high nor too low. An individual should know whether a poster or a paper should be the best fit. An individual may submit a poster or a paper but they should not be on the same topic. All papers and abstracts  must be written in English and submitted electronically in PDF( A4 or letter for the initial submission and only letter format for final submission) format and one must ensure that his/her e-mail and contact details is clearly available, and correctly spelt to avoid inconvenience.

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